Evidence-based business improvement.

We help companies work smarter and grow faster.

We use various methods for business improvement with data analytics: Lean, Six Sigma, Operational Research and Predictive Maintenance. 


is short for Transformation.




TransformN is a special division of EQUIBT that delivers a proven approach for transformational change to organisations seeking rapid, evidence-based and sustainable business improvement. We enable our clients to manage their transformation programmes more effectively, and to foster development of internal capabilities so they can sustain success and drive change tomorrow.

We transform the way they operate through engaging leadership and teams to drive measurable and sustainable benefits.




We typically use Lean and Six Sigma to make processes more streamlined; eliminating waste and increasing customer satisfaction. That said, we are not bounded by any specific methodologies - we rather harmonise different tools and techniques to best suit the applications.

Our suite of methods and tools have proven to work in organisations across a wide range of sectors and ensure valuable and lasting outcomes.




You can’t manage what you cannot measure.

This phrase is especially true when it comes to evidence-based business improvement. That’s why we make sure all the benefits from the transformation programmes are captured and validated properly.

We believe benefits realisation begins at the earliest stages of a project or programme. We help our clients to build their business case justification, offering advice, techniques and tools for project teams and sponsors to effectively and easily ensure that benefits in the business case are realised.


We collaborate.

Collaboration is not a buzz word for us. It is a foundational principle of how we engage our clients.


Through collaboration we achieve results faster, with greater buy-in and maximum learning.


That's why everything we do is grounded in collaboration.

From Discovery Workshops to Boot Camps to Action Workouts and Hackathons, we quickly come to use the same vocabulary, the same tools, and the same approach as our clients. Altogether, this ensures the most collaborative and agile path to results.


We create.

Transformation programmes take on all forms, and for each we match and harmonise proven methodologies to create a more efficient path to the goal.


We can support you across the 6 enablers of business transformation.


Mobilising the 6 enablers of business transformation helps our clients to improve their business performance through better processes and more engaged staff members.



Generate truly effective transformation strategies at enterprise, business unit, or functional levels. We help our clients develop, deploy and deliver a strategy for radical growth plan, turnaround or reinvigoration of an established approach and take their business to the next level.


Create the optimal structures and teams to meet the transformation challenges. We help our clients consider, decide and deploy organisation models that align with their business transformation objectives and enable a more agile organisation.



Achieving true excellence in the operations through simplifying processes, eliminating waste and reducing variation to more effectively serve your customers. We can provide both the method and the means to radically improve our clients’ operations.


Building internal capabilities to sustaining change and developing intrinsic momentum. We offer a full range of learning & development programs from business analysis, process improvement to change management; delivered through both face-to-face and online channels.


Change Management.

Leverage insight-driven analytics and proven methods to increase the pace, certainty and successful outcomes of the transformation programmes. We support our clients to develop the right change strategies to address their specific needs. Our focus on behaviour change can unlock the most efficient means and increasing the transformation programme’s likelihood of success.


Design a fit-for-purpose governance structure for the transformation programme. We help our clients establish a governance operating model along with a decision-making framework that is logical, robust and repeatable to govern the program with the ultimate objective of providing better visibility, greater coordination and compliance. and enhanced effectiveness.


We deliver.

We are a strong team of experienced transformation specialists that have earned a track record of delivering success for our clients.


We are quietly confident that our services can bring exceptional value to our clients.


It is common for our clients to achieve at least a 10:1 return on investment within 6 months. 

We have been helping businesses to improve their processes, products, service and quality levels through facilitating and coaching business improvement projects since 2009.

Not all companies need the complete Lean Six Sigma toolbox. Our edge is to apply and implement relevant approach of the methodology to great effects for our clients. Far from adding additional ‘Red Tape’, we can help simplify processes and free up internal resources by removing unnecessary steps.

The following are some stats from our client projects in the last 12 months…




By reducing errors, simplifying processes and streamlining delivery, one of our clients in the health insurance sector was able to do more with less. This resulted in happier customers and more engaged staff members.




Using data-driven Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques, one of our banking clients was able to deliver services more quickly and to a higher standard when waste and rework were removed from a credit approval process.





Cutting waste and variation made the customer on-boarding processes more efficient for one of our energy utilities clients, saving costs while improving the customer experience. The Lean Six Sigma training & follow-up project yielded 237% ROI in the first 6 months.


All of these changes can improve productivity and increase the available people resource to the businesses, paving the way for them to invest in opportunities that will generate growth.


We care.

We are proud and thankful for the opportunities to work with many incredible organisations who operate in diverse industries.  

We don’t work for them, we work closely together with them, and we care about helping them achieve the desired results.


Some of the incredible companies we work with.


We anticipate.

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