Our guiding principles.

Our core value is trust.


We want the journey to be as positive, engaging and efficient as possible. That’s why our brand values focus not only on outcomes, but on approach and attitude.

Our core value is trust and the way we work is guided by a common set of principles:


We're relatable. We’re trustworthy.

We’re all about trust: we're not consultants in power suits with theories, models and specialists in fancy PowerPoint slides. We focus on getting the job done.

We're pragmatic.

We realise that all organisations are at different stages of their operational excellence journey and should not be confined to a single approach. We have a pragmatic approach of mix-and-match Lean, Six Sigma, Agile within a culture of Innovation.

We engage change from the ground up.

We drive change from the ground-up by working not only with the senior leaders in your business, but by engaging with employees on the front-line.

We are serious about embedding continuous improvement culture.

Our philosophy extends beyond running Lean and Six Sigma projects or teaching these principles, we use experiential learning to embed the continuous improvement mindset to achieve results.

We are Agile.

We adopt agile ways of working in our organisation. We believe this is important to ensure that we live and breathe and are able to assimilate with our clients who are predominantly agile in their way of working together.

Last but not least, we are not arrogant.

While we bring decades of training and practical experience, we don’t presume to understand your organisation before taking the time to learn about your unique challenges and goals.