How we Discover.

Understand current state and establish goals & plan.


We invest time and energy to understand your goals, establish strong change leadership, and plan for success.


In the Discover phase, we address broad questions such as:

  • What is the current situation?

  • What type of organisation you need to be?

  • What are the performance improvement criteria for the organisation?

  • What is the business problem we are trying to solve?

  • What are the reasons why we are working on this now?

  • What he measures of success for the entire program of work, and what that translates into at a workstream and if necessary individual level?

This builds the case & urgency for change, creates clarity, and ensures that focused improvement methodologies are matched and harmonised around the needs of your organisation.


Activities in Discover phase:


In this initial step, we mobilise the project team and agree the overall scope, value delivery and critical deliverables with you.

Scope and diagnose.

This starts with a “Current State Assessment” of your organisation and its performance to evaluate organisational culture, the senior team, change history and how ready your organisation is for change.

We work with you to create a high-level “Future State View” which can be used to size the gap, scope the benefits and outline options for change to process, organisation and culture to deliver the required performance improvement.


Featured solution:

Operational Review

To assess if your operations is performing in the most effective and efficient manner.



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