How we Reset.

Confirm the areas of under performance and agree the targets and solutions to reset it.


We collaborate with you to confirm the areas of under performance and the root causes, then agree targets and solutions to reset the performance.


In the Reset phase, we address four specific aspects:

  • Where the organisation needs to be?

  • What options are there?

  • Who needs to be involved in the planning and design of the change?

  • How do we get started?

This builds the case & urgency for change, creates clarity, and ensures that focused improvement methodologies are matched and harmonised around the needs of your organisation.


Activities in Reset phase:

Innovate and design.

This involves approaching from both the idealised and pragmatic views at what the processes and services could be in the future. We facilitate the re-design of the processes to reset the performance and customer experience, taking into account the risks and the insights from the Scope and Diagnosis step.

Engage stakeholders.

By listening to concerns and involving people, we engage the key leaders and influencers across your business. This ensures the stakeholder engagement plan is created, and the need for reset and change is communicated and understood.

Establish governance.

Strong programme governance from visibly active and engaged senior leaders is vital so we will help you achieve this by establishing an operating rhythm of steering meetings, reviews, showcases and progress measures, which will all go towards building confidence and ownership in the transformation programme.

Possible interventions in Reset phase:

  • Organisational and Process Redesign

  • Lean or Six Sigma deployment

  • Operational improvement programmes

  • Lean Sigma projects

  • Action Workouts (rapid improvement events)

  • Customer Journey Simplifications

  • Problem Solving Events

  • Collaborative Planning to drive programme delivery

  • Work team continuous improvement


Featured solution:

Process Redesign

To create pathways to deliver high-quality service, in a productive way, at a competitive cost and time to output.



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