Steps to Sustain.

Reinforce the new ways of working and develop culture & capabilities to sustain the changes.


We make changes to reinforce the new ways of working and develop culture & capabilities to sustain the changes long after our involvement.


In the Reset phase, we address three specific aspects:

  • Reinforce new ways of working

  • Learn how to lead change “organically”

  • Develop culture to change

These make changes become culture and can continue long after our involvement.


Activities in Sustain phase:

Knowledge management and transfer.

We ensure an appropriate degree of knowledge transfer which also sets out how success will be measured. We help you to implement knowledge sharing, which means that ‘lessons learned’ can be applied across multiple sites or divisions.

Developing leaders for change.

Using the VUCA Framework (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity), we develop leadership roles and enable more effective ways of working in an increasingly complex environment .

Developing high performing teams.

We help teams build a focused improvement plan that defines their core purpose and sets out specific actions and changes.

Training for Continuous Improvement using Lean or Six Sigma.

Our training courses are designed to build up Lean, Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement practical skills to directly support the delivery of your organisation’s transformation programme.

Our face-to-face and e-learning training programmes are based on a very hands-on delivery method to help your teams assimilate the content quickly and enable them to apply it directly after the course, providing you with a fast return on investment.

We develop contextualised training programs to cater for the needs of different roles in your organisations. For example, administrative and back office teams can be trained in Lean-focused stream; operational and technical teams can be trained in Root Cause Analysis-focused stream of the Process Improvement training program.


Featured solution:

Operational Excellence Program

To greatly improve efficiency and productivity by focussing on how people work, what they do and why they do it.



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