To greatly improve efficiency and productivity by focussing on how people work, what they do and why they do it.



We refine the execution of your operating model to enable your business strategy, operating model, people and processes to meet your customers’ demands.

Our Operational Excellence solutions include both advisory, knowledge transfer and coaching elements:


We provide an array of assessments, strategy development, program design & management, and change management services that are tailored for our clients' needs and goals.

Knowledge Transfer

We offer only relevant training and workshops in Lean, Lean Six Sigma, Leadership & Facilitation, and Change Management. All of our training is delivered by highly experienced instructors and is contextualised for our clients' industries.

Training options include highly respected AuSQ Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt certifications, as well as courses to develop leaders of change efforts, Agile framework, Kaizen rapid innovation events, and value stream workshops.

Supported Execution

We’re one of the few companies where our teachers will jump in as members of the change team to execute the work and deliver the business value of Operational Excellence. We call this supported execution. This is our commitment to our teams, it’s not just about training on the tools but applying them to solve real business problems and deliver results. We want them to be wearing their consultant hat on to deliver value on a day to day basis. 


Typical Outcomes.

Our Operational Excellence programs can help in several key areas:

Unifying purpose, strategy and behaviours

By deploying an Operational Excellence approach we can make real changes to work culture, and align operating practices with business’ strategy. This eliminates unnecessary work, opens up communication between to functional ‘silos’ to deliver operational efficiency.

Identifying the value of your customer set

By identifying which customers create good demand for our client’s business, this will enable our clients to focus their efforts to achieve maximum value. We will also help our clients to improve how they operate to meet customer needs.

Aligning frontline work with business objectives

Operational Excellence can quickly highlight on the business ‘pain points’.

Improving the effectiveness of decision making

It can be tempting to think that an organisation’s problems can be solved by investing heavily in technology. If people aren’t working efficiently, or processes are not fit for purpose, technology will rarely fix the issue. We help our clients see which parts of the business may benefit from a technology solution, and help them choose and implement the right one.


How can we help you?

To discuss how our team can help your business achieve true results, please contact us.